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The DSP Collective are one of the best premium live party bands around! An electrifying professional London based 5-10 piece party band, collectively made up of some of the music industry's top session musicians. Hire available for Weddings, Functions, Corporate Events, Parties, Private & Special Events. The Daily Specials are sure to add that 'special' touch to your event and help give you and your guest a time you'll never forget! 




The main party band consist of a professional electric 5 piece setup, but, for the ultimate in flexibility for the client, there are various other formats and additional booking options available to tailor for your event , from 5 piece party band to 8 piece showband, additional sets and extended ipod DJ. All the formats of the main party band are sure to get the dancefloor packed and excited and are perfect to add that special touch to your event. All members of the collective are FULL-TIME musicians working in the music industry as session musicians, so you know the quality of the band you're getting is second to none.

  • 5 Piece - Female Lead Vocals, Guitar/BV's, Keys/BV's, Bass & Drums
  • 6 Piece - Female Lead Vocals, Guitar/BV's, Keys/BV's, Bass & Drums, Saxophone 
  • 7 Piece - Female Lead Vocals, Guitar/BV's, Keys/BV's, Bass, Drums & 2 Piece Horn Section 
  • 8 Piece - Female Lead Vocals, Male Lead Vocals, Guitar/BV's, Keys/BV's, Bass, Drums & 2 Piece Horn Section
  • 9 Piece - Female Lead Vocals, Male Lead Vocals, Guitar/BV's, Keys/BV's, Bass, Drums & Full 3 Piece Horn Section
  • 10 Piece - Female Lead Vocals, Male Lead Vocals, Guitar/BV's, Keys/BV's, Bass, Drums, Full 3 Piece Horn Section & Percussion

All our setups are available to your tailored spec, please contact for more details or to discuss your needs.

The Daily Specials also come in smaller acoustic setups ideal 'low key' and small sized events.

  • 2 Piece Acoustic Duo - Female Vocals & Guitar/BV's OR Male Vocals/Guitar & Cajon/Percussion
  • 3 Piece Acoustic Trio - Female Vocals, Guitar/BV's & Cajon/Percussion
  • 4 Piece Electro-Acoustic Band - Female Voclas, Guitar/BV's, Bass & Cajon/Percussion or Small Drum Kit (Lower Volume)

As additional entertainment at your event, we can provide: 

  • Solo Guitarist/Male Vocals
  • Solo Pianist
  • Jazz/Soul/Funk - Duo, Trio or Quartet
  • Our Pro DJ

With 9 years of experience at performing at weddings, parties, corporate functions and prestigious private events in the UK and worldwide, we understand that each booking is different and unique and is tailored specifically for your event, costs vary according to band size, location, playing times and other preferences you may wish to tailor. Please don't hesitate to contact one of the team to discuss your needs and what we can do for you, we promise we don't bite! This can be done on the contact us page via the form provided or through email or telephone.


Amazing vocal tone and superb quality!
— Carrie & David Grant - Top UK Vocal Coaches/BBC Fame Academy

Band Location

  • The Band are based in an around London, England.


  • Once we have agreed and discussed your needs, and both parties are happy with them, we will send out a contract for you to sign so you can relax and look forward to some quality live entertainment. We use contracts on all our booking for yours, and our peace of mind.


  • 20% of fee to secure your booking. Payable by cheque upon return of a signed contract or via BACS transfer. Deposit is non-refundable.


  • Remaining payment preffered to be paid by BACS transfer or cash on the night before any performances, unless another agreement has been made in advance.


  • It is highly recommended that the band are able to perform a soundcheck before their performance for at least 30 mins to make sure that the sound is as you expect it to be. This is normally done during the band set-up after the engineer setup. Please make sure this is ok with the venue if earlier set-up's are involved, so please make sure with them if this is the case.

Set-up Times

  • - Sound Engineer 1-1.5 hrs                                                                                                                                         
  • - Electric Bands

            approx 1 hr inc soundcheck

  • - Acoustic Bands

            45 mins - 1 hr

        The band times are inclusive of soundcheck times. Times can vary subject to accessibility of the venue/area where band will be playing. 


  • A stage for the band would be nice but is not necessary for the 5-7 piece bands, the bigger bands 8-10 piece would be better suited to a stage as there is much more equipment and floor space needed to accommodate the size of the band, all venue dependant. The area required MUST be a level and safe area to work on. 

Performance Times & Additional Sets

  • 2 x 1 hr sets or 3 x 40 mins are inclusive, Sets of 30 mins are available to add at request, please contact for prices.


  • The band would most prefer an area as close to the stage/performance area as possible to unload all their equipment as well as free local parking. If parking is not available and must be paid for, this will be at the expense of the client.

Standard Arrival Time

  • 4.30pm - Sound Engineer, Band, An earlier setup can be arranged at a fee, please contact to discuss.
  • 6 p.m. - Band, An earlier setup can be arranged at a fee, please contact to discuss.

Standard Finish Time

  • 12 a.m. A Later than 12 a.m. finish can be arranged at a fee, please contact to discuss.

Use Of P.A. Past 12 a.m.

  • Use of the p.a past 12 a.m. can be arranged per 30 mins at a fee (iPod/iPad DJ or your own music to play through is included in this fee but does not include live band performances) Please contact to discuss.

Power Requirements

  • 2-4 Piece band to have access to 3 separate 13 amp sockets. 

          5-8 Piece band to have access to 4-5 separate 13 amp sockets.

          Band will not use more than 4000 Watts (4K) of power (including lighting).

          Sockets to be no more than 10 meters from performance area.

          This is a vauge guide and does not need to be exact, but is preferred by the band.

Food/Drinks Requirements

  • A HOT meal for EVERY member of the band/sound engineer. FREE mineral water, soft drinks, tea/coffee for the duration of the bands stay on premises. This would be much appreciated as most of the time members of the band run 15-18 hour days, leaving in the early afternoon, sometimes the morning, and arriving back at home until the early hours of the next morning.

Venue Noise Limiters/Restrictions

  • Venues around the UK may use limiters to maintain their entertainment license. Generally this is not a problem for the band to play within these limits and are used to doing so. Either way we ask if you could please let us know in advance if there is a limiter at the venue or not as we can better prepare for the event.

Ideal Performance Area

  • A stage would be nice, but is not necessary unless the client hires any bands 8-10 piece. Needs to be a safe, level and hard floored (carpeted is acceptable) working area. This also applies in any outdoor areas, marquees etc.

          5 Piece Main Band - (D)3m x (W)5m

          2 Piece - (D)1.5m x (W)4m

          3 Piece - (D2m x (W)4.5m

          4 Piece - (D)3m x (W)5m

          6/7 Piece - (D)3m x (W)6m

          8-10 Piece - (D)4m x (W)8m

          These are the preferred playing dimensions but can be smaller according to band size.

Band Dress Code

  • Smart/Casual 

Other Band Requirements

  • A clean, heated room would be appreciated, big and secure enough for the band to keep personals, change clothing, eat and relax in when not performing.


  • The band are fully self sufficient for travel within the Mainland Great Britain, but any transport costs such as ferries and/or planes are at cost to the client. International, Non-Mainland Great Britain, Parts of Scotland, Northern Ireland, Isle of Wight and Isle of Man may require hire of equipment and travel by boat/ferry and/or plane. Please contact if you think this may be the case.

          There are extra costs for fuel if the venue where the band will playing is more than 90 miles radius from London, please contact us if you think this may be the case.

Cancelation Fees

  • 50% of fee due if cancelation is within 90 and 61 days prior to the event.

          75% of fee due if cancelation is within 60 days and 31 days prior the event.

          100% of fee due if cancelation is within 30 days of the event.

The cancelation fees are applied because all members of the band are professional full-time working musicians and have blocked this date off in their work diary and no longer look for and accept work on that date. Members of the band turn down well paid work on the confirmation of the booking and it is therefore only fair that they are compensated for any loss of earning because of a cancellation. 



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